18 November 2022 – Sydney, Australia

Sun Cable’s participation in the B20/G20 2022 Leaders Summit included high profile engagement with senior government officials and private sector leaders, further advancing Sun Cable’s standing as a world leading player in large scale dispatchable renewable energy.

A key theme was the way in which the top 20 global economies should approach decarbonisation, justly and fairly, while improving inclusive and equitable growth.

Inbound investment into Indonesia was core at all meetings. In particular, the benefit of downstream and upstream value-adding of nickel, tin and copper was discussed in the context of the new and renewable energy potential in Indonesia, and development of green industrial estates, as Indonesia is transforming its economy beyond reliance on raw commodities.

Friday 11 November – B20 Investment Forum and Indonesian Net Zero Summit
Sun Cable joined the B20 Investment Forum and Indonesian Net Zero Summit, together with more than 900 attendees. Indonesia’s Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia spoke about investment into Indonesia, showing that over 2019-2021 Australia had dropped off the top 10 foreign direct investors by country origin list. Singapore remained number one.

Sun Cable Indonesia President Director Tim Anderson and Senda Hurmuzan Kanam signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalise Sun Cable’s relationship with the Energy Ministry (ESDM) in Indonesia, witnessed by Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, Minster Bahlil Lahadalia and KADIN leadership on the main stage. The MOU formalises collaboration between Sun Cable and ESDM to advance opportunities for renewable energy generation and transmission within Indonesia.

Saturday 12 November – BloombergNEF Summit
Sun Cable participated in the BloombergNEF Summit and met with key government and business leaders from Indonesia, Australia, the United States and Europe, including participating in a roundtable focused on Indonesia’s transition and pathway for grid interconnection.

Sunday 13 November – B20
Sun Cable Founder and CEO David Griffin joined the B20 panel discussion on ‘Investing in green ventures for sustainable growth’ alongside panellists from Petronas, Enel Group and Rafako, moderated by Eco-Business, to an audience of approximately 3,000 delegates.

Monday 14 November – B20
KADIN and Sun Cable signed a Memorandum of Understanding formalising an agreement to improve opportunities for Indonesia’s renewable energy development, committing to: look for ways to work together to enable Indonesia to unlock its renewable energy potential; support Indonesia’s efforts to establish itself as a strategic green manufacturing hub and to supply key services in the renewable energy supply chain, and; promote closer cooperation between Sun Cable and Indonesian companies under KADIN to position Indonesia as a powerhouse in green industry and renewable energy.

Tuesday 15 November – G20
At the start of the G20, Sun Cable and ESDM released preliminary findings of a Joint Study to realise the benefits of Green Industry development in Indonesia, identifying five key Green Industries that could add up to USD115 billion (IDR1,600 trillion) to Indonesia’s GDP by 2035.

The pathway includes working through the key potential areas for generation, defining the resources available, identifying the key energy intensive locations and industries, and then building a plan to unlock these opportunities. The five key industries identified by the study are: mining and minerals processing (e.g. green nickel production); energy and fuels (e.g. green hydrogen); transport manufacturing (e.g. electric vehicles); food processing and agriculture (e.g. green fertilisers); and IT infrastructure (e.g. green data centres).

Sun Cable Indonesia President Director Tim Anderson attended the G20 Welcome Dinner hosted by President Joko Widodo and attended by all G20 Leaders.

G20 Leaders Summit

Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink has been listed in the 2022 G20 Presidency’s List Action for Strong and Inclusive Recovery. The list includes concrete actions, projects and initiatives aimed to advance international collaboration in order to recover together, recover stronger.

Within the G20 Bali Leader’s Declaration, AAPowerLink is one of 26 projects and initiatives on the Energy List:

“Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink), is a proposed renewable energy infrastructure system. The system would incorporate the world’s largest solar array and storage system, and intercontinental transmission, to deliver renewable electricity to Darwin and Singapore. The AAPowerLink is also forecast to potentially inject a total of USD 2.5 billion into the Indonesian economy over the life of the project.”


Quotes attributed to Sun Cable Founder and CEO David Griffin:

“Sun Cable is honoured to partner with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as it shapes Indonesia’s policy and technical program for grid connectivity. We are looking to share Sun Cable’s expertise in solar energy generation and long distance transmission with Indonesia as it shapes its policy and technical approach to inter-island connectivity.”

Quotes attributed to Indonesia’s Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif:

“Energy infrastructure is very important to connect the centers of great energy production to centers of high energy consumption. Thus, Indonesia is planning to build a super grid to address mismatch between renewable energy resources and the location of high electricity demand areas as well as maintaining the electricity system stability and security.” Quotes attributed to Indonesia’s Ambassador to Australia H.E. Dr. Siswo Pramono: “Indonesia has some of the best renewable energy resources in Asia and many of the core capabilities to become a green industry powerhouse: access to a large workforce, access to critical mineral resources, access to renewable resources, and a strategic location at the heart of regional growth. This collaboration between ESDM and Sun Cable shows the commitment to optimise those potentials and to support our effort towards energy transition.”

Quotes attributed to Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese:
“I had the pleasure to meet with global and Australian business leaders at the B20, reaffirming the need to work collaboratively across government and industry.1

When I came to Indonesia in June, I was joined by a large delegation of government ministers and senior business leaders: the head of the Business Council of Australia; the CEO of Commonwealth Bank; and representatives of major companies such as Wesfarmers, Fortescue, Bluescope, Sun Cable and Thales. All of them left here energised by the tremendous opportunities this nation and this region hold. And this B20 gathering, bringing together influential business leaders from around the world draws on that same spirit.”2


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Company contacts: Megan Taylor, Chief of Communications and Marketing Georgie Skipper, Chief Corporate & Government Affairs Officer Deb Russell, Head of Communications
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1 Source: https://www.pm.gov.au/media/g20-summit
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Sun Cable

Sun Cable’s mission is to supply renewable electricity from resource abundant regions to growing load centres, at scale.

This starts with the Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink), which will use Australia’s abundant solar resource to power Darwin and Singapore with large volumes of competitively priced and dispatchable renewable electricity while also driving significant long term economic benefits for Indonesia. The AAPowerLink project is the first of its kind and the first of many.

In October 2021, Sun Cable formed an Integrated Project Delivery Team (IPDT) to deliver the AAPowerLink. This is a leading global consortium, consisting of Bechtel (Project Delivery), SMEC (Solar Generation System), Surbana Jurong Group, Hatch (HVDC Transmission), Marsh (Risk Management), PwC Australia (Project Advisory) to provide a powerhouse of expertise to deliver this giga-scale, complex project.

In June 2022, Infrastructure Australia affirmed the economic merit of Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink project, advancing the project to Stage 3 ‘Investment-ready’ status on the Infrastructure Priority List.

Advances in renewable energy generation, energy storage and HVDC cable transmission technologies have made it commercially and technically viable to transmit dispatchable, renewable electricity over long distances.

Sun Cable’s energy projects will position Australia, Singapore and Indonesia as world leaders in cross border renewable electricity trade. The developed infrastructure will facilitate large-scale industrial development through the electrification of new and existing industries, provide significant supply chain opportunities and support regional decarbonisation.

Sun Cable has offices in Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Jakarta, Singapore and Sydney.


Australia-Asia PowerLink Project

The Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink) will be the world’s largest solar generation site at 17-20 GW, the world’s largest battery energy storage system at 36-42 GWh and the world’s longest subsea cable transmission system at 4,200km.

AAPowerLink will be capable of supplying 800 MW of capacity to Darwin and up to 15% of Singapore’s total electricity needs. AAPowerLink has the following components:

The AAPowerLink will position Australia, Singapore and Indonesia as world leaders in cross-border renewable electricity trade. The infrastructure will facilitate large-scale industrial development through electrification of industries, provide new supply chain opportunities, and support regional decarbonisation.


Sun Cable Founder and CEO David Griffin speaking at the B20

Sun Cable Founder and CEO David Griffin speaking at the B20


MOU Signing with Chairman of KADIN
(L-R) Sun Cable Indonesia President Director Tim Anderson, Sun Cable Chief Government and Corporate Affairs Officer Georgie Skipper, Sun Cable Founder and CEO David Griffin, Chair of KADIN and Head of B20 Indonesia Arsjad Rasjid, IABC National President and APTISI Vice Chairman Global Engagement George Iwan Marantika, Vice Chairman of KADIN and Chair of B20 Steering Committee Bernandino Vega.

B20 Summit Indonesia 2022 Sun Cable


MOU Signing between Sun Cable and ESDM at B20 Investment Forum
(L-R) Sun Cable Indonesia President Director Tim Anderson and Head of BBSP KEBTKE Senda Hurmuzan Kanam.

B20 Summit Indonesia 2022 Tim Anderson, Sun Cable


ESDM Joint Study Signing and Launch
(L-R) Sun Cable Head of External and Government Affairs Indonesia Wafi Chalid Abdat; Sun Cable Chief Government and Corporate Affairs Officer Georgie Skipper; Sun Cable Founder and CEO David Griffin; Sun Cable Indonesia President Director Tim Anderson; ESDM Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Dadan Kusdiana; Indonesia’s Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif; ESDM Secretary General Rida Mulyana.

Sun Cable ESDM Joint Study Signing and Launch


David and Minister Arifin shaking hands with Joint Study

Sun Cable and ESDM Joint Study signing and launch


David Griffin, Sun Cable and Minister Arifin, ESDM Joint Study signing and launch


B20 Summit Indonesia 2022 Sun Cable team